Saint's Story

Launched during lockdown in May 2020, Saint is the brainchild of Manchester-based Mum, Aimée Soudry. 

When Aimée’s marketing work dried up when Covid-19 struck, she got to thinking of others ways to channel her creativity and brand building while stuck at home.

Being married to a French man, (and sick of baking banana bread!) Aimée decided to work on her pastry skills and started baking amazing croissants and leaving them as door step deliveries to local friends, family and neighbours.

The croissants were an instant hit on Instagram and gained a cult following with demand for Aimée’s amazing loaded bakes from all corners of the UK.

Over 1,500 croissants later, Saint croissants and cronuts are now available for regional delivery, with a UK-wide courier service and a merchandise range to follow.